A useful guide to image resolution and sizes

I found this useful guide to image resolution and sizes at creativebloq.com Click here to view It is a usefull guide to get your head around pixel dimensions, actual printed size and resolution before preparing artwork for print. Print Image Resolution When preparing your images for print we recommend an image resolution at 300ppi at […]

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Printing Colour

Printing Colour As a vital ingredient of design work, getting the colour right can be crucial and can substantially influence the resulting printed product. When printing colour the process is generally using the CMYK colour process, also known as a four colour process or even process colour. Exceptions to this are when a specific spot […]

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Don’t Dismiss Direct Mail

There’s much to choose from when it comes to marketing communication services  So it’s important to select the options that gives you the best results for your project whether that be a new product launch, an event promotion or new service to be offered by your company.  Marketing tools such as posters, email and other online campaigns, leaflets and […]

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Environmental Facts about Paper

Myths and Facts about Paper There’s a tendency to assume that using paper to print is bad for the environment. Not so according to the ‘Two Sides Campaign’. Not only do they consider that paper is one of the few truly sustainable products, but set out some compelling sustainability facts about paper production. Take a […]

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5 Tips for Better Branding

Branding Company and product branding can have a significant impact on the target audience. Chris Moody, creative director at Wolff Olins suggests  five tips for better branding. Worth a read in  this recent Creative Bloq post  5 Top Tips for Better Branding  

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Paper Samples book inner pages

Choosing paper weights & finishes

Choosing paper weights & finishes When choosing paper stocks for your print job, here are some pointers which you might find useful. Paper weight Paper weight is described in gsm or grams per square metre of paper. The lower the gsm, the lighter and thinner feeling the paper will be. For example, 130gsm paper is […]

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Bleed and Quiet Areas

Bleed and Quiet areas

Bleed is a term used to describe when an image, colour (or other design element) on your printed design runs off the edge of the page.The effect can look great, adding interest and style to your layout and we recommend it. To ensure that the edge of the finished printed document looks neat and professional, the artwork […]

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Coffee Cups

Paper Sizes

Just like your morning coffee, paper comes in lots of different sizes. Unlike coffee though, we have a simple standard so at least with paper you know what you are going to get.In the UK we have adopted the use of the paper size Standard ISO 216. ISO 216 is used in most countries of […]

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Proof reading

Simple Proof Reading

Proof read your copy before you pass it to your designer. Why do it before? Because changing your copy after the design is compete will cost you money due to the in additional time it takes to make corrections. Here are a few simple proof reading tips to help you correct and improve your copy. […]

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