Don’t Dismiss Direct Mail

There’s much to choose from when it comes to marketing communication services

 So it’s important to select the options that gives you the best results for your project whether that be a new product launch, an event promotion or new service to be offered by your company.  Marketing tools such as posters, email and other online campaigns, leaflets and brochures and magazine advertising are some of the most  commonly used solutions. Combined with other forms of marketing or as a stand alone solution, direct mail  can also be very effective and is still considered to be one of more effective and responsive methods available at affordable prices.

Direct mail enables offers, promotions and relevant information to be targeted to the right people at the right time.  Moreover, campaigns can be tested and results can be measured and evaluated as required.  For example a limited sample can be initially tested with the next batch going out in bulk or in stages dependant on the project requirements. It’s a flexible, tailored campaign you will always be in control of. Offers can be tested to different sections of your list before sending the best performing offer to the remainder of the prospects.

Direct mail will always have some degree of personalisation required even if it’s simply individual names and addresses on envelopes for posting.  Personalisation of the printed products inside however can be creative and eye catching and be anything from a simple addition to more complex ideas to individualise print.

Should you be interested in considering a direct mail campaign for your business, give us a ring on 0151 356 3066. We can talk you through the issues from the idea itself through to the data management ensuring your direct mail printing is in compliance with current legislation and posting, we can assist with data purchase, printing and delivery to the Royal Mail.