Brochure printing

Use a brochure to inform and communicate with your clients and prospects and give them a tangible reference to your business or charity.

From a simple folded brochure, through to a saddle stitched, perfect bound or wire bound brochure we print and finish with expert care.

We offer a service from brochure design through to print and delivery. For extra impact to your brochure there are a number of options including lamination, UV coating and embossing.

With a wide range of paper and print options we can help you create a brochure to really get your message out there.


Brochure printing

A brochure may be as simple as a folded leaflet, but depending upon your business they can and perhaps should be considered as much more.

If your product or service is one that is easily understood by your target customers and prospects so they see it, understand it and with a little extra information they can make a decision to buy your product. Then a folded brochure will be ideal for you. They are low cost and easy to distribute. Perfect for door drops, mailings and inserts into existing client deliveries. A folded brochure can be simple, low cost and very effective.

For those products or services where clients need to take more time a consider carefully the options then a larger brochure may suit your needs better. With additional pages you can really tell a story, engage with your clients and provide the facts that they need to make the correct decision to do business with you. You may equally have a number of products or services that meet the needs of the same market and these can be combined together in a larger brochure. Brochures of this type are very useful for those more considered purchases, both company (business to business) purchases and for sales to private individuals.

You may already have a designer to assist you, but if not our design service will professionally interpret your brochure design brief, create eye catching layouts to get your message across and help you win more business.

We do not force our clients to choose from a set range of papers and cards, we offer a wide range to suit your application, your budget, your distribution and the image of your company. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss or receive some paper samples.

Brochure options

  • Full colour printing service
  • A5, A4 and 210mm square are very popular sizes but we also offer custom size brochures
  • Heavy card covers or same paper weight for both cover and inner pages
  • Saddle stitching (stapled on the spine), wire bound, loop staples and perfect binding options
  • Pockets for loose information in back cover and fold out back pages (6 page covers).
  • Hole drilling for 2 or 4 hole ring binders
  • Trimmed to size
  • Heavy covers and text pages are creased prior to folding to prevent unsightly spine cracks

If you are supplying your own files to print, it could not be easier, we do not require you to place the pages as they will be printed (printers pairs) or as spreads, just as single pages within a file in order from page one, two, three ect. Just send the file as single pages within a PDF document and our automatic system will do the rest.

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