Graphic Design

Professional and effective graphic design for your projects.

We are experts in graphic design for print. With our print experience and knowledge we make sure that your project will print exactly right.

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Professional and effective graphic design for your projects.

Graphic Design is not just the ‘art’ of creating page content that looks right, it is also the science of creating a layout that helps to catch the attention, engage, communicate and explain the content.

Getting the graphic design right will increase attention, readability and comprehension leading to greater engagement and action by the reader. Getting the design wrong can result in ‘the greatest offer known to man’ being completely ignored.

Our trained graphic designers can assist you with:

  • Business Branding , Concepts and Logos
  • Business Stationery
  • Business Mailers
  • Marketing and Promotion Materials
  • Personalised mailing campaigns
  • Brochures and Reports
  • Banners, posters and pop-up displays

Our designers are degree qualified and experienced in creating design that helps you achieve your goals where communication is the main focus of the work, not just pretty layouts.

A typical design project will follow these stages:

  • Asking questions about the project, your desired outcomes, the target audience, the brand, the budget and timescales
  • Creating a brief for the work to be completed, to check understanding agree the details
  • Researching and checking your competition
  • Brainstorm, doodle and sketch
  • Work up the strongest ideas to completed designs and present for review
  • Revise chosen design to complete the finalised piece

The time taken to complete these stages will vary with the complexity and your time scale for completion.